‘Photo of Grey Faucet’ by Luis Quintero from Pexels. Image created by Dayton Williams.

An old Brazilian proverb wisely warns, “which roughly translates to “the cake is not for the one who makes it but for the one who eats it.” In our 21st Century digital economy, an individual’s data is one of the greatest driving forces of economic pursuit, government interest, and criminal attraction. Personal data, like the aforementioned proverbial cake, overwhelmingly benefits the consumers of data, never its producers. It should come then as no surprise that powerful data sets, from Big Tech to Big Brother, enrich and empower…

Following the successful launch of the manned Falcon rocket in May, Elon Musk’s SpaceX is leading the new corporate race to space. That success, however, may have been met with a stumbling block regarding SpaceX’s other ambitious orbital project — Starlink. Starlink, currently under construction, is a multi-billion dollar low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellation composed of several hundred school lunch tray-shaped satellites. These satellites and their transceivers may be able to help close the rural-urban internet service gap by providing broadband internet services from space.

Despite Starlink’s enormous potential to increase broadband connectivity, SpaceX has been denied an opportunity…

Dayton Williams

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